Hello! I am Uğur Genç.
I am a UX Designer at Siemens &
HCI Researcher & PhD Candidate at Koç University DesignLab.


2017 - Ongoing

Koç University

Istanbul / Turkey

Design, Technology & Society

PhD Candidate

2013 - 2017

Middle East Technical University

Ankara / Turkey

Industrial Design

Bachelors Degree
Honors Student (3rd Ranking)

2016 Spring

Politecnico di Torino

Turin / Italy

Industrial Design

Erasmus Student Exchange

2008 - 2012

Yusuf Kalkavan Anatolian High School

Mersin / Turkey

Science (MF)


Qualitative Research
Focus Groups, Interview, Field Studies, Card Sorting, Diary Studies, Participatory Design
Quantitative Research
A/B Testing,  Survey,  Descriptive and Inferential Statistics in STATA & SPSS

Product Design
Web & Mobile Software Development
Adobe Creative Suite
React.js React Native
Arduino, Swift, C#









Erasmus+ OLS: B2




Work Experience

2021 February
2022 Ongoing

Siemens AG

UX/UI Designer

Istanbul / Turkey

2019 2021 

Bug Idea


Istanbul / Turkey




Design Intern

Ankara / Turkey


June - September

DesignGang Network

Design Intern

Turin / Turkey



Şişecam Trakya

Production Intern

Tarsus / Turkey



Güral Porcelain Health-wares

Production Intern

Kutahya / Turkey

Academic Publications

The Design Journal 

Forthcoming, 2022

Gestural interaction in the kitchen: Insights into designing an interactive display controlled by Hand Specific On-Skin Gestures

Authors:  Ceylan Beşevli, Hüseyin Uğur Genç, Aykut Coşkun, Tilbe Göksun, Yücel Yemez, Oğuzhan Özcan 

Proceedings of the Design Society

July 2021

A Study into Designing an Ambient Water Bottle that Supports Users' Water- Intake Tracking Practices

Authors: Aykut Coskun, Mert Yildiz, Hakan Yilmazer, Hüseyin Uğur Genç

TEI 2021

Salzburg, Austria

KNOBIE: A Design Intervention for Supporting Chefs’ Sustainable Recipe Planning Practices

Authors: Hüseyin Uğur Genç, Hakan Yılmazer, and Aykut Coşkun

CHI 2020

Hawaii, USA

Designing for Social Interaction in the Age of Excessive Smartphone Use

Authors: Hüseyin Uğur Genç and Aykut Coşkun

CHI 2020

Hawaii, USA

Children in 2077: Designing Children’s Technologies in the Age of

Authors: Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk, Hüseyin Uğur Genç et al.

DIS 2019

San Diago, USA

Stop Wasting, Start Tasting! Design Speculations for Reducing Food Waste in
The Hospitality Sector

Authors: Hüseyin Uğur Genç, Mert Yıldız, Hakan Yılmazer, and Aykut Coşkun

NordiCHI 2018

Oslo, Norway

Are we ‘really’ connected?: understanding smartphone use during social
interaction in public

Authors: Hüseyin Uğur Genç, Fatoş Gökşen, and Aykut Coşkun

CHI 2018

Montreal Canada

Teaching Experience

MAVA 454

Basic 3D Printing for Design

This class offers hands-on experience with 3D printing technologies. Lectures and class exercises consists of 4 stages of 3D printing processes: idea generation, hand drawing, computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D printing. Self-designed objects are designed and printed using relevant CAD tools and 3D printed using various software and hardware.

Course Development & Lecturer: Uğur Genç

Design Thinking

Exploring the innovation and creative processes through interdisciplinary work and research structures. Understanding design problems independent from their disciplinary boundaries. Gaining an integrative understanding of innovation based on human-centered design.

DT Certification Program For Companies (such as Arçelik) and Individuals
TECH515 – Design Thinking for Disruptive Innovation for Executive MBA
ASIU118 – Design Thinking for Bachelors for Executive MBA

Lecturer: Oğuzhan Özcan, Prof. Dr.

MAVA 419

User Experience Course

Exploring the innovation and creative processes through interdisciplinary work
and research structures. Understanding design problems independent from their disciplinary boundaries. Gaining an integrative understanding of innovation based on human-centered design.

Lecturer: Aykut Coşkun, Assist Prof. Dr.

MAVA 208

Advanced Topics in Basic Design

Foundations of two, three and four dimensional design. Interdisciplinary approach in visualizing ideas. Interaction of text and image, color and sound, form and content, harmony and chaos, time and movement. Experiments on artistic research, conceptualizing, collaboration, presentation. Use of traditional and new materials.

Lecturer: Aykut Coşkun, Assist Prof. Dr.

MAVA 104

Basic Design

Foundations of visual language. Introduction to the principles and elements of
design. Control of line, shape, space, texture, color, composition and sequence to convey a message. Strategic exercises to channel design to an interdisciplinary level. Studio practice, theory, critique, exhibition.

Lecturer: Aykut Coşkun, Assist Prof. Dr.


We managed a sketch-to-finish development process. With design workshops and ideations sessions, the concept for the app generated. After this stage, in the light of user tests, we developed the final product by using React Native and MongoDB. This app successfully launched in the App Stores.

Interactive Organizational Chart Module

A dashboard module for an HR Company, which provides a extensive control on the companies organizational structure.

We designed for an HR Company that is the one of the leader firms in Turkey’s market. The process covers the steps from the User Experience Design and to the Front-end development. As the team of Bug Idea, we followed a user-centered approach in the design part. Afterwards, we put the project into practice by using ES6, HTML & CSS and created a system which is highly customizable and open to improvement.

Our research process focuses on extracting user expectations from a gesture control system in the kitchen, designing a conceptual prototype meeting these expectations and conducting WoZ experiments for in-depth user evaluations. In total, 234 participants contributed to our research, which is a bigger than the current gesture studies’ sample size.

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